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The year 2010 is marked as the beginning of an era as the gates of Jahanara Israil School and college opened to cater to the pedagogic needs of the southern part Bangladesh as an educational institution backing the English National Curriculum of i.e. English Version. Situated at the heart of the dynamic and stimulating city of Barishal, JIS College has been offering the highest standards of institutional education since its genesis. The inception costed us innumerable dreams, hopes and visions amongst which the first and foremost goal was to avail the best quality modern education here at home in Barishal with an affordable cost. As you are aware, most of the private schools and colleges are situated in Dhaka. We wanted to bring something more to the suburban area as we inclined to decentralize education for all which would prevent our children from leaving for the capital city. Having developed its reputation for high quality holistic education in primary and high school level with inordinate results in board exams like PSC, JSC and SSC, today we have proudly attained the authorization to lay the first stone of English Version Higher Secondary level education in South Bangladesh. JIS College now boastfully provides an inclusive and outstanding 360 degree education to more than 700 students ranging from play group to college.

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Together, we made it! Amid a worsening worldwide pandemic that has forced many schools and colleges to shut down and stop providing education. JISC has successfully completed its academic year 2020 on December 10, offering web based live classes through remote online education, and is ready to welcome the New Year 2021 with full functional academic programs including live classes, web based homework, online exams etc. without any ado.


Who We Are

Jahanara Israil School & College, the first & only private English Version School & College situated at the Southern part of Bangladesh, established in 2010, is a charitable, non-profit, non-commercial and non-political educational institution. The governing body is led by Mr. Saleh M. Sheley, an eminent patron of education, notable philanthropist & widely experienced academic of the country.


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