JIS College is an outstanding institution of English Version based on the National Curriculum. The early years class room is practical learning. They are taught key learning skills, such as speaking, listening, concentration, persistence, and co-operative learning, in order to become independent learners.

A comprehensive outline of the curriculum is available on request.


Students arriving from abroad are encouraged to study Bengali and support is available. Bangladeshi students, even if holding a foreign passport, are also expected to study Bengali.

Students are not allowed to speak Bengali from Kindergarten and up excepting Bengali class.

Pedagogic Procedure


  • Teaching activities are strictly presided over by a group of experienced teachers and educational experts.
  • Our educational strategies are innovative, dynamic avant- garde.
  • We pay heed to keep the students’ attention in their academic studies in the class.
  • The student must take part in the discussion taking place in the class. (Feedback and stimulation)
  • Asking and answering session in the class following every particular topic.
  • While teaching, teachers provide the latest and most updated information, theories, and statistics on respective subjects.
  • An enriched library is dedicated for students to ensure not only their current learning procedure but also to flourish their talent for higher studies in the future.
  • Practical classes of different departments are held from the beginning of the year. All the necessary elements are easily available in the respective labs.
  • Attendance at JIS College is strictly monitored. A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory to sit for any test.
  • Special preparatory test (Model test) is held after the test exam so that students attain great success in PSC, JSC, SSC & HSC.
  • Our aim is to create skillful human resources.
  • Special intensive care is provided to the students who get unsatisfactory results in class-tests and semester exams.
  • Courses are completed following a fixed lesson plan.
  • All the classrooms are well equipped with CCTV cameras.
  • A cutting-edge and modernistic computer lab is dedicated to the ICT courses.