When a child is unable to attend school due to illness, please notify the office by phone before school starts. Please send a note in your child’s diary mentioning the reason and collect the absent work from the office. Parents must act within 72 hours to clear the absence, or the absence will be marked TRUANT. If the office is not informed your child will not be given make-up work.

If any student is continuously absent for one week, a doctor’s notice or a valid excuse needs to be submitted to the office upon return to the school. If any student is continuously absent for 30 days, their admission will be canceled automatically. To return to the classes he/she can apply for re-admission and take an admission test if seats are available. If any student of Grade VI-XII is continuously absent for two weeks without submission of a doctor’s notice or any communication by their guardian, police will be informed for the safety of the student.


Students are encouraged to make every effort to be on time. Students, who enter the classroom late, disrupt the learning environment for others as well as themselves. Only tardiness in consequence of becoming sick, doctors or dental appointments is excused. Late students must report to the main office to enter the class.