Your child will be required to bring some drink and a small snack for mid-morning tiffin. Please write your child’s name on the water bottles and tiffin boxes. Students are required to take their tiffin in the schoolyard. At the end of tiffin time, a warning bell will ring to indicate that students need to return to class. The gates to the stairs will be closed five minutes after the bell rang. If the students fail to return they will spend their next class period inside the office.

Procedures for Lunch Drop-off:

1) ALL lunches need to be dropped off at the gate by 10:10 am.

2) Please make sure your child’s name and grade are written on the lunch and/or lunchbox. If it is not labeled it may not make it to your child.

3) The lunches will be placed in the classroom by the Sisters or Class assistants.

If a student’s lunch was not delivered to the classroom, a student can purchase a lunch from the cafeteria.