Procedures for Student Drop Off

Your children are becoming quite capable of handling backpacks, lunch, and homework folders, therefore, JIS College would ask you to say your children goodbyes at the gate, NOT by the classroom. Your presence in the line-up area creates a safety issue, and children have difficulty finding their place in line. Remember, you will be giving your children a very important message that they can assume responsibly for morning routine and at the same time ensure that we have a secure campus.

Procedures for Student Pick up

There is a format of the application that you submit to the office. Read the instruction properly. Whatever option you choose from the above will be kept recorded in the office and you are obliged to abide by the conditions.

Traffic Rules

Cars, Bikes, and Kids,
They don’t mix!

Drop off and pick up times are hazardous when accidents or misdemeanors can easily happen. It is a time which is also difficult for our neighbors. Please observe the “Yellow Signal Lights” while dropping/picking your kid. Follow the traffic route carefully which is attached to this package.

If you or your driver drops your child by car or motorcycle, be sure NOT to honk or play loud music in the school zone.